About Us

Welcome to HealthCareerNet – the best place on the Internet if you are looking to kick off or further your career in healthcare. HealthCareerNet is a healthcare job search engine and we search the job boards on the Internet for jobs in the healthcare field.  

HealthCareerNet enables you to search thousands of jobs across the different specializations in the healthcare field – we search for jobs that are listed on job boards, newspaper sites, and niche sites. In one simple search, you can view those job listings posted throughout the web.

Launched in January, 2005, HealthCareerNet is currently still in Beta. We believe in making customer service our number one priority and are constantly looking to improve the results got on the website and would always welcome questions and comments from the general public.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Obid Igbokkwe, MD, MSc
Biomedical Informatics Ltd