Physician Jobs, Surgeon Jobs and Medical Jobs

A physician diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries to people, and educates them on how to improve their health habits. Fewer professions offer a wider range for job opportunities than that of the physician, from working in hospitals, clinics, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), government health agencies, public health organizations and the armed forces, physicians with different specialties display a wide range of skills needed to administer care.

Physicians usually get medical jobs in one or more of several specialties, which includes anesthesiology, family and general medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and surgery. Hospital jobs are quite commonplace, though a huge number work in practices, with most of the new graduates preferring to gain employment in already established practices rather than set up their own shop.

The training and education for physicians are very demanding with all physicians expected to through at least six years of training at an accredited medial school and then pass a licensing exam in order to practice. This is usually followed by a more years of training in a residency, which sometimes followed by a fellowship in order in gain employment in particular specialties. Residency and fellowships usually tend to be hospital jobs are still regarded part and parcel of a physician’s training.

Job prospects are very good with medical jobs or physician jobs expected to grow at a rate faster than the average career mainly due to a growing and aging population causing increased demand for physician services. Medical jobs are very demanding with physicians expected to work long and unsocial hours but the salaries for physicians are amongst the best from any profession, but vary within the profession depending in specialty, location, number of work experience and professional reputation.

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